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Some Thoughts…

Hi, and welcome.  As this journey continues and the experiment that is my image capture take place and evolve, this is where you can come to find my missives and musings on a variety of subject matter including architecture, automobiles, cityscapes, landscapes, people, portraits, sporting events, streetscapes & scenes, and UrbEx, which may or may not be in HDR.  It will at once be funny, serious, raw, caring, irreverent, non-sensical, thoughtful, thought-provoking, argumentative and compassionate…depending upon my mood and the days experience.

Be sure to check my galleries and especially my blog.  Don’t be shy, if you like something let me know.  If you love it, really let me know.  If you hate it….well, up to you what you want to say.  Just be forewarned, I have really thick skin.

I move around quite a bit so if you see that I am traveling someplace that you are going to be don’t be shy, let’s hook-up to shoot.  Or hang.  I’ve done that all over the world and made some really great friendships.

One last thing.  This blog is not a money making venture for me.  It is a labor of love for the art form and medium that is photography.  If there is an image that you like and want to use please let me know.  We’ll figure out how to make that happen which will include a charitable donation to a worthwhile cause.  Lastly, I ask that you give proper credit to me for creating the image should one of mine be used someplace.