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  Barcelona, Spain: March 2013 Sometimes when I am taking pictures of strangers in street photography mode I get a really nice reaction like from this woman who smiled and flashed me the peace sign.  I was pretty much right in her grille when she flashed her pearly whites and gave me a fun look. […]

Barcelona, Spain: March 2013 I was walking through the Ciutat Vella section of Barcelona late at night, this is where all the cool bars are, and noticed this woman looking right at me, as if to say don’t take my picture – alas, i could not help but press my shutter button.

Paris: Summer 2011 I am inspired to post my first real portrait image after a couple of posts earlier today on g+.  Paulissa Kipp was writing asking how a photographer finds his or her voice.  I waxed philosophical as to how I was able to come up with a way to classify or categorize what […]