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  Barcelona, Spain: March 2013 Sometimes when I am taking pictures of strangers in street photography mode I get a really nice reaction like from this woman who smiled and flashed me the peace sign.  I was pretty much right in her grille when she flashed her pearly whites and gave me a fun look. […]

Paris, France I spent the day traveling around Paris on Saturday prior to the finish of the Tour de France the third week of July, 2011.  I had just come back from Montmartre where I extensively shot the Sacre Coeur, of which I will post some images soon, on the most glorious of summer days […]

Happy Friday, and now for today’s history lesson. January 22nd, 1506,(who writes that stuff down) is the official date of birth of the Pontifical Swiss Guard (Schweizergarde), because on that day, towards the evening, a group of one hundred and fifty Swiss soldiers commanded by Captain Kasparvon Silenen, of Canton Uri, passed through the Porta […]

London, May 2011 This is my first HDR post.  This is my first HDR processed image to post.  I can hear Steve Beal now…”we gonna bracket or what keeeeeed?”  Steve got me back into the lost passion I have for the art form and medium that is photography.  It was October of 2010 to be […]