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London, Spring 2011 In looking back at some of my images while traveling in Europe last year, I came across this 9 exposure HDR shot I took when I first started playing with HDR as a format…Having lived in London, albeit a while ago, and spending a lot of time there over the years, I […]

Paris, France (Montmartre): This past summer I had the chance to spend a few days in Paris on my way to Prague, after a few days in Koln/Cologne, Germany.  I figured I’d catch some summer sun in the City of Lights and was not disappointed.  I really stopped in to shoot the Tour de France […]

GCT: NYC This 9 exposure HDR image with my 15mm fish is of the south exit to 42nd Street & Park Avenue.  I was on a photo shoot here with some great photographers when I happened the exit at a time when I could get 9 brackets fired off without anyone walking into the frame. […]

For the past week I have been on my East Berlin UrbEx kick, finally getting to process and post images from my epic trip to Germany to shoot with no less than some of the world’s best UrbEx photographers in Jacques Gude, Luis dos Santos, Alex Friedrichstrasse, all arranged by my dear friend Bob Lussier. […]

East Berlin, Germany: Beelitz Sanatorium This is a 9 exposure HDR image of a room on the 5th floor of the sanatorium looking into the hall and another room through a crumbled wall.  To my left and rear is a completely open exterior wall showing nothing by the outside of the facility into the woods […]

Another 9 exposure HDR image of one of the staircases at the abandoned structure of the Beelitz Sanatorium on my epic day shooting in UrbEx nirvana with Jacques Gude, Luis dos Santos, Steve Coppenbarger and Alex (3passa) Friedrichstrasse. At every turn, up or down every staircase, across every hall, was extreme sensory overload as there […]

An UrbEx photographers dream.  Literally and figuratively.  Largely abandoned now, Beelitz is another cathedral to UrbEx photography.  Perhaps the comparison should be that Beelitz is to UrbEx shooting as the Vatican is to Catholicism; that The Wall is to Judaism; that Mecca is to Islam.  You get the point.  Completely religion for photographers. I shot […]

My good friend Bob Lussier had introduced me to a good photog friend, Jacques Gude ahead of a trip I was taking this summer to Germany.  I was going to Dusseldorf for 3 days, told Bob, and he said, ‘man, too bad you can’t get to Berlin to meet a great friend of mine, Jacques, […]

This is the second HDR image, in my genesis of processing, that think is good enough to publish to my website.  I was in Prague this summer with my girl Noreen.  We decided to make a take a long weekend in Europe wrapped around one of my business trips.  Neither of us had previously been […]

London, May 2011 This is my first HDR post.  This is my first HDR processed image to post.  I can hear Steve Beal now…”we gonna bracket or what keeeeeed?”  Steve got me back into the lost passion I have for the art form and medium that is photography.  It was October of 2010 to be […]