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Black & White

Barcelona, Spain: March 2013 I was walking through the Ciutat Vella section of Barcelona late at night, this is where all the cool bars are, and noticed this woman looking right at me, as if to say don’t take my picture – alas, i could not help but press my shutter button.

The Hamptons: Full Moon Shot with my 5DMKII and 600mm lens, the evening was supremely clear.  I have been trying for some time to get a really nice image of the moon in full regalia.  I think I may finally have done it.

Munich, Germany: BMW Museum This is the famed 1939 BMW Mille Miglia Bugelfalte-Roadster.  One of the only factory built cars to run in the famed race.  Finally, a BMW to compete with the likes of Alfa Romeo.  I own one Alfa (’73 Spider) and three BWM’s (’71 2002, ’72 3.0 CSi, ’08 E60 M5).  All […]

Rome, Italy You know my mantra, ‘Look Up”.  In this instance, I was looking down.  And I really loved what I saw, and where I was standing.  So much history in Rome.  No wonder it is called the Eternal City.  I can’t help but think which of the famed Emperors walked in this place, or, […]

Welcome back and happy Monday kids.  You will recognize this image from  my home page so I thought I should share it with you so you know the back-story and why I have it posted on my home page slideshow. The infamous catwalks.  I was shooting here earlier in the year with Steve Beal (www.stevebeal.com), […]

Grand Central Terminal:  I’ve always loved the iconic image of the hazey light beaming through the windows of Grand Central Terminal.  Those old black & white images will never be reproduced because (1) skyscrapers now block that exact light from shining through the windows at that position, and (2) GGT is now a ‘smoke free’ […]