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Sexy Curves

Munich, Germany: Sexy Curves

Munich, Germany: BMW Museum

This is the famed 1939 BMW Mille Miglia Bugelfalte-Roadster.  One of the only factory built cars to run in the famed race.  Finally, a BMW to compete with the likes of Alfa Romeo.  I own one Alfa (’73 Spider) and three BWM’s (’71 2002, ’72 3.0 CSi, ’08 E60 M5).  All icons of each marque.  The ’39 328 struck me as such a work of art, so beautiful with its curves, the color, the patina, the leather, the position of the gas tank cap, the wheel covers, the exhaust pipe, and yes, those ever so subtle tail lights…everything, from a time when automobile design was truly an art form.

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  1. Bob Lussier says:

    It’s about time you posted something new. Gorgeous shot! And Happy Easter!

  2. excellent b/w and dynamic angle in this shot. and great taste for cars too;)

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