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The Bell Tower

Paris (Montmartre), France: Sacre Coeur Bell Tower

Paris, France (Montmartre):

This past summer I had the chance to spend a few days in Paris on my way to Prague, after a few days in Koln/Cologne, Germany.  I figured I’d catch some summer sun in the City of Lights and was not disappointed.  I really stopped in to shoot the Tour de France final stage as the big boys of summer rode into Paris.  I had a day on either side of the final stage to shoot around and so I took the metro up to the Sacre Coeur to take some images.  This is a 9 exposure HDR image of the back side of this beautiful structure.  All the activity is in the front of the cathedral overlooking the city.  A stroll to the back found me at 180 degrees of the mayhem with deserted streets and a quiet calm that allowed me to fire off many many sets of brackets.  I will publish more of this Paris swing.

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  1. good choice of yours to go counter-cycle in order to avoid the crowds and get the shot. I like this photo, but I find the clouds a bit too harsh…

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