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Paris: Marcel's Lines

Paris: Summer 2011

I am inspired to post my first real portrait image after a couple of posts earlier today on g+.  Paulissa Kipp was writing asking how a photographer finds his or her voice.  I waxed philosophical as to how I was able to come up with a way to classify or categorize what i shoot.  There are photogs who bill themselves as ‘landscape’ or ‘wedding’ or ‘nature’ or ‘wildlife’ or ‘portratiture’.   Each different.  I commented on the influences and inspirations to me these past 18 months in building out my portfolio and got a comment back from my bud, and mentor, Steve Beal.    So, here is one of those up-close shots of a stranger, one of the few I actually built a rapport with, who let me go nutty shooting him.  Such expression in his face and profile.  Hope you like it.  Merci beaucoup mon ami Marcel.


2 Responses to “Wrinkles”

  1. Steve Beal says:

    Kid, you’re the best. This is really an awesome character shot – those are some crowz feet – yowzerz! Love this!

  2. great detail in this shot, it works well in color too!

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