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Concorde: Paris Metro

Paris Metro: Place de la Concorde

Paris, France

I spent the day traveling around Paris on Saturday prior to the finish of the Tour de France the third week of July, 2011.  I had just come back from Montmartre where I extensively shot the Sacre Coeur, of which I will post some images soon, on the most glorious of summer days in Paris.  You should have been here with me!  As I got off the train, I happened to be right in the middle of this beautiful blue and white mosaic of the station stop, which if you know French, you will see many other words embedded in the tiles.  Below the bottom portion of the tiles in this image is a beautiful old wooden bench.  The angle of the photo with the fisheye lens made it such that it is not seen.  My camera bag and tripod are resting on the bench.  This is a hand-held single image of the Concorde metro stop signage.  C’est tres jolie mes amis.  Au revoir.

2 Responses to “Concorde: Paris Metro”

  1. Steve Beal says:

    The fish really takes this to a different level… Love it!

  2. It seems to be a repeated phrase, something about a force that is established for the benefit of all, but not for the particular use of anybody, which I’m sure I quite mangled.

    My favorite part is the line, about 3-4 rows from the bottom, that begins “TEPARTI,” which I think must be French for right-wing/libertarian populist movement. 😉

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