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New York City: Skyscrapers & Water Towers

West Side Skyscrapers & Water Towers

New York City, 11th Avenue, mid-40’s looking down to 42nd Street where the two skyscraper/apartment building are situated.  I took this on a first time shoot with my new friend and city photographer, Mark Garbowski.  Despite his website/blog title, one can never have ‘Too Much Glass’.  I found Mark surfing the web looking at images on my friends posts and noticed a link on the site of my good friend, Bob Lussier.  When i looked at Mark’s work, it really resonated with me, being from NYC.  So, I reached out, we decided to meet for an early Sunday morning shoot, and viola.  I will post a few more images from this shoot.  Mark, you  know which is next.  you can see some of Mark’s images from our shoot right here.

Now, if you spend any, and I mean any time in NYC, you know that there are two things that dot the NYC skyline.  (1) Skyscrapers.  And (2) Water Towers.  You either have to be blind to miss the former, and really just not paying attention to miss the latter.  So, my advice to all (would be) visitors…..LOOK UP.

4 Responses to “New York City: Skyscrapers & Water Towers”

  1. Steve Beal says:

    Kid you know I never look up 😉

    Love this image – I drive by those buildings every day. Sweet composition!

  2. Debbie Fouts says:

    My favorite thing to look for while in the city, Water towers! From our office you see several, it’s become a game for me. High tech meets practical in a city like no other.

  3. I do love this, and I do know which one is next. Can’t wait to see it.

  4. […] published a couple of water tower shots from that morning, and my image today reminds me a bit of this one. The theme of old water tower set against a backdrop of a newer office or residential tower is kind […]

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