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Beauty In Decay: Beelitz Sanatorium, East Berlin

East Berlin: Beelitz Sanatorium - "Beauty in Decay" Staircase

For the past week I have been on my East Berlin UrbEx kick, finally getting to process and post images from my epic trip to Germany to shoot with no less than some of the world’s best UrbEx photographers in Jacques Gude, Luis dos Santos, Alex Friedrichstrasse, all arranged by my dear friend Bob Lussier.

This is my 9 exposure HDR image of the famed Romany WG staircase from his book Beauty In Decay.  I have talked ad-nauseum about Volkerode and Beelitz, these cathedrals to the modern UrbEx world.  For those of you who really are into the genre, you will recognize this image as nothing less than the image on Roman WG’s bible on Urban Exploration, Beauty in Decay.  My homage to the photographic genre and the iconic imagery of Romany’s book.  I am privileged to have shot here with the posse from Berlin, and to have stood in no less than footsteps of what would equate to the Grand Masters of Renaissance European art, only in our modern time.

I am thankful for all of you who have taken the time to look at my images and post comments on those that have resonated with you.

Here is the cover image from Beauty in Decay that inspired my image.

























My image on the same staircase.  All I can say is……WOW!!!!  WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!!!!


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  1. Bob Lussier says:

    Chris … this a great post and a GREAT image! Can’t tell you how thrilled I am you got to shoot this place. Great stuff!

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