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Beetlitz Sanatorium: Staircase 1

East Berlin: Beelitz Sanatorium Staircase

Another 9 exposure HDR image of one of the staircases at the abandoned structure of the Beelitz Sanatorium on my epic day shooting in UrbEx nirvana with Jacques Gude, Luis dos Santos, Steve Coppenbarger and Alex (3passa) Friedrichstrasse.

At every turn, up or down every staircase, across every hall, was extreme sensory overload as there was just so much imagery/framing of UrbEx decay to choose from.  I particularly like this image and the way the light comes through the back of the shot casting ever so slight a shadow up the stairs.  The rubble and decay is preserved unbelievably, if that makes any sense (which it does).

I wish you were there with me.  I still can’t believe I shot here.  Insane.  More to come in this series on Beelitz.

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  1. Holy grungy textures! Love the processing here and the missing board to peek outside!

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