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St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague


This is the second HDR image, in my genesis of processing, that think is good enough to publish to my website.  I was in Prague this summer with my girl Noreen.  We decided to make a take a long weekend in Europe wrapped around one of my business trips.  Neither of us had previously been to Prague and so we thought this would be a great place to go.  We’ve heard such great things about it, believe me, if you haven’t been here, Prague does not disappoint – witness the image.  We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental in the center of the old part of town.  Incredible.  I’m a fan (www.mandarinoriental.com/prague/)

You don’t need a lot of time in Prague, you can pretty much see/do the city in 3 days – any more than that would be overkill as there is not much to do after you see all the amazingly preserved architecture.  The city is some 1,200 years old and was never damaged during any of the wars to the extent that other European cities were during the bombardments of, particularly, WWII.  Think Berlin at the end of the war.

This image is a ‘Lussier Special’ (www.lussierphoto.com).  Shooting with Bob, when he carries his tripod, is just asking to have your tripod confiscated, at the very least you get told to put it away and take off your camera.  Tripod = Tripod Police.  It was just about closing time at the St. Vitus Cathedral.  I had my camera mounted up on my tripod.  I found a great spot against the last pew, just inside all the people milling about getting their last shots (by hand) as the cathedral was closing.  I had great cover as I could not easily be seen.  I had my promote control hooked up for a 9 shot bracket (because I shoot Canon and my 5D Mark II does not have the built in bracketing like Nikon – I know, I know…..that is for all my photog buds that shoot Nikon – whatever).  Just as I was firing off the brackets, WHAM!!!!  Some Czech dudes come running over screaming about no tripod pix.  Thing is, everyone in Prague has their hand out for some extra scratch…I had some ready, but, no need to drop any coins in the dudes hand as by the time he got to me # 9 was in the history books.  Thank you very muuuuch.

I’ll post a few more Prague images in the coming posts, in the meantime, say three Hail Mary’s, two Our Fathers, and see you at confession.

4 Responses to “St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague”

  1. Steve Beal says:

    Chris – I hate the tripod police – they have hassled us many times 🙂 – I love the symmetry in this image and you really convey a sense of scale, the place looks massive! Really nicely done kid.

  2. Great result in the HDR here, lots of details visible everywhere! Can’t wait to see the next ones:)
    which lens did you use to take this shot?
    Keep it up!

    PS: thanks for the tip regarding the Mandarin Oriental, didn’t know that they were in Prague too!

  3. Alex says:

    OMG, what can I say, beautiful! Glad you finished your nine brackets 😉

  4. Great story – glad you beat the tripod police on this one. Great details and showing the expanse of the room!

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